Perfect Crime [Eng Subs] (2/10)


Maeshima Kaori (Triendl Reina), an interior designer, is respected in  her company but has been carrying on a secret affair with her boss Fuyuki (Mashima Hidekazu) for years. However, it is a doomed romance. Fuyuki is a married man and there is no hope for a future with him, but  Kaori is content to let it be and hides her pain. One day, Shinonome Haruto (Sakurada Dori) appears in front of Kaori. He is a young designern who was just transferred from the New York branch office. Kaori’s  indiscreet interlude with Fuyuki was witnessed by Haruto at the office. Meanwhile, Kaori and Haruto end up working together as partners at work. Her destiny begins to change as a result of her meeting Haruto and she  unknowingly falls into a trap. (Synopsis by Jdrama Weblog)



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