Zettai Seigi [Eng Subs] (2/8)

Is anything permissible so long as it is in the name of justice? In this  psychotic, suspense-filled horror show, the main character attempts to  dish out her own brand of mad, evil jusice upon her four friends.

Noriko always does the right thing 100% of the time. Because of an incident in her past, she refuses to allow any mistakes or offences which goes against the law.

One day, Noriko meets up with four old friends from high school.

Yumiko has been trying to juggle part-time job whilst raising her child,  even since her husband got laid off due to his company's downsizing. Riho runs an international school along with her non-Japanese husband and the two of them are trying for a baby. Reika, a former child-star, has now graduated to a full-blown actor, and has been having an affair with a married man, despite her being single herself.

And finally, Kazuki just recently left her job at a major publishing firm with an itching desire to become a non-fiction writer herself.

But as soon as these girls reunite with their old classmate Noriko,  their lives start coming apart at seams, plunging them deeper and deeper desperately towards a complete meltdown. What is the reason behind Noriko's twister take on justice...? And what will her friends do in  response...? (Synopsis by Fuji TV)



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