dlueey (dlueey9) wrote,

Funouhan Status and the movies I intend to sub.

Hi, I finished translating Funouhan. I'm sorry it took a couple of months. Wish I can upload it as soon as the QC finished. I have my friend pleasured to working on it.

Now, I'm currently subbing My Friend A. Already Subbed

I'm a big fan of Erika Karata, so if it possible my next project movies should be Erika's movies.

1. Netemo Sametemo (Bluray releases on March 6th)

The english official subtitles are out already. (Check the next post)

2. Kakugo Iika Soko no Joshi (Bluray releases on May 15th)

Since I subbed the drama, I want to sub the movie as well.

3. Kasane (Bluray releases on April 24th) Already Subbed

Hopefully, everything is going well. ^ ^

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